Friday, November 4, 2011

Thematic Photographic #169 --- (More) Brick and Mortar

When Carmi at Written, Inc. posted the Brick and Mortar theme for this week my thoughts went to Charlottesville, VA, one of my favorite places to visit.  So I Wednesday I posted photos of the town.  But I couldn't let the week go without posting brick and mortar from the home of Charlottesville's most famous resident:  Thomas Jefferson.

This is my favorite shot of Monticello.  Jefferson loved tulips and the flower beds were in full bloom with many different strains and colors.  This visit was in April so the trees weren't in full leaf yet, but the tulips added so much color we didn't notice the trees were merely budding. The pond in the foreground is actually where live fish were kept after a fishing trip until the cook needed them for meals.  

Before we were taken up the hill to the house we gathered at the visitor center to wait for the trolley.  This gigantic hearth had been cleared out after the winter.  It looks like they had some roaring fires in it, though, to keep winter visitors warm while waiting.

These arched side windows take sunlight and warmth into the arboretum.  We weren't able to take photos inside the house, which was the most interesting part of the tour.  Jefferson was an amazing man and his home reflected his passions for literature, inventions, and his country.

The homes back then didn't have attached kitchens, but separate cook houses.  This is part of such a building at Monticello.  Everything on the plantation has been impeccably preserved and the fields are actually a working farm, much like the fields at George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon.

We were able to tour the various cellars where the stone foundations retain much of the original stone and mortar construction. 

This is part of the wine cellar.  It was still rather cool on this April day and we were wearing jackets.  I was really glad to be dressed warmly in these subterranean chambers. 

This is taken in the stables where, again, the original brick and mortar is evident. 

Thank you for returning for more of the tour of brick and mortar found in Charlottesville, VA and Monticello.  A new Thematic Photographic won't be posted until Monday evening so there is still time for you to join in or just hop on over to Written, Inc. for a look.  

Enjoy your weekend!

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