Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thematic Photographic #305 --- Look Straight Down

Oh my goodness! I just looked at the last time I played along with one of my favorite blog activities and it's been two years! They say time flies when you're having fun, but that isn't exactly my excuse. Things were already pretty hectic when my mom passed away suddenly in January 2013. Then my world seemed to stop for a while. Six months later my first grandchild was born, bringing my awareness of life's blessings back into perspective. It's still very hard without Mom. She was my lifelong best friend. But little Adam, now 13 months old, is my bright little star! Before I get to my submission for this week's Thematic Photographic, I just have to show him off. He is my only child's first child and I think he is adorable!

Now for this week's Thematic Photographic theme, and it's a good one, Carmi!  "Look Straight Down" immediately brought to mind photos from six years ago that I took on board the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. It was Family Day aboard the aircraft carrier and we cruised through Chesapeake Bay out to the Atlantic Ocean. With nearly full access to the ship my son showed me around. What a day that was!  I have a few views to show, because I couldn't pick just one!

I don't remember now how many decks there are on the ship, or how many we toured. But there are probably hundreds of these ladder/stairs.  Very steep and nearly straight down ..... and up!

Looking straight down to the ocean from one of the upper levels of the superstructure.

Looking straight down from the fantail. That water was churning!

We were treated to a full air show over the ocean. This fighter jet went straight up, rolled, and came straight down.  In this case the pilot was looking straight down!

At the end of the day we looked straight down from the flight deck as 7,000 family and crew members deboarded from the hanger bays. 

Not exactly looking straight down, but one of my favorite photos from the day. One I will never forget!

Ahhh! It's good to be posting again!  And what better place to come back to but Thematic Photographic. Thanks, Carmi!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thematic Photographic 207 -- Pics Taken with a Smart Phone

It's not often that I would publish photos I shot with anything other than my Canon 40D.  We have other cameras, including my original Canon Rebel and the Canon Power Shot.  Our phones also had photo capabilities, but very poor quality.  Well, now we have the "smart" phones.  Mine is the Android Charge and it takes very satisfactory photos!  So, for Carmi's challenge over at Written, Inc, to show pics taken with a smart phone, I am unveiling the first of my "smart" photos. One day last May I left the 40D behind and tried out the 'Droid at the Strategic Air and Space Museum near Offutt AFB, Nebraska.  

Formerly located at Offutt Air Force Base, Bellevue, NE, the SAC Museum moved into this beautiful building in 1997.  For more on its history click here.

The first plane to be moved from the old location was the incredible SR-71A Blackbird.  This awesome aircraft greets visitors as they enter and is takes one's breath away!  The Blackbird is still considered the fastest aircraft ever built and holds many speed and altitude records.  For more on this intimidating craft click here

The hangars are enormous, housing dozens of aircraft, from the huge flying fortresses to the tiny XF-85 Parasite.  The following photos are just a sampling.  For more about the aircraft click here

As the name says, this is the air AND space museum so there are several amazing and fun exhibits that take visitors into the space age.  We were fortunate to see the "Suited for Space" traveling exhibit which included the following two photos.  These are x-rays of a space suit and helmet, showing the complex design for the flexibility and comfort of the astronauts.

We had a great time exploring this museum.  In addition to the historical pieces, there are interactive exhibits, such as trying to destroy an asteroid heading for earth.  We watched children having quality time with their parents and it was a blessing to witness that!

For more "smart pics" be sure to visit Written, Inc. and check out the comments.  Feel free to join in, too! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Repost for Thematic Photographic: Undulatus asperatus --- New Cloud Formation Appears Over the Missouri Ozarks

I am reposting this from two years ago for this week's Thematic Photographic theme: CLOUDS.  Since I captured these very rare formations, when I hear references to clouds, these come to mind.  They were very scary looking but very little rain from them.  The upper level winds created constant movement.  By the way, these are not black and white photos as they would appear to be.

It's not often that one can be witness to a new weather phenomenon.  In fact so unusual that, for the first time since 1951, a cloud type is under review as a new form.

From Weather:
A storm system moving across the Ozarks on Monday morning produced widespread interest for more than just the thunder and rainfall it produced. As the system moved across the region, the balance of instability aloft and a relatively stable low level airmass helped to produce what was likely a potentially new form of clouds now under review by the World Meteorological Society or WMO. The cloud type in question has been named, "Undulatus asperatus".

It seemed as though I was looking at rapids on a river --- from underneath!  We did get some rain from these, but not storms.  The temperature was only about 62 degrees at the time and a little breezy.

Here are more photos I took of this awesome sight:

Just goes to show ya, God is always creating new things for us to see --- and it's all FREE!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thematic Photographic #170 -- Drink Up!

This week at Carmi's Written, Inc. the Thematic Photographic topic is "Drink Up!"  That brings to mind so many tasty beverages for me, but the first thing in the morning rich, aromatic coffee gets my attention.  And not just any coffee!  My favorite is Komodo Dragon at Starbucks, though I will savor just about any blend any time.  I'm one of the lucky ones that can drink coffee like water!

I don't have just one favorite cup/mug, but I do have one requirement:  it must be larger than the dainty cups that came with my set of china!

Dark coffee is lovely............

...... but I do love my cream and creamers in a variety of flavors.  This particular morning I had the new Bailey's Caramel flavored creamer.  The real Bailey's is still my favorite ;-).

I like watching the cream swirl in the rich brown liquid.  Of course the clear glass mugs are best for watching this dance of the morning brew!

Nearly ready...........

Just a one more stir with the spoon........ Ahhhh! Perfect!

Hmmm, I think there is still a bit of coffee in the pot.  I suddenly have a craving for a warm cup of joe!

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and drink up!  Hop on over to Carmi's and see if he and his commenters have hit on your favorites. This week's theme goes until tomorrow evening when Carmi will once again send us on another Thematic Photographic trek.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thematic Photographic #169 --- (More) Brick and Mortar

When Carmi at Written, Inc. posted the Brick and Mortar theme for this week my thoughts went to Charlottesville, VA, one of my favorite places to visit.  So I Wednesday I posted photos of the town.  But I couldn't let the week go without posting brick and mortar from the home of Charlottesville's most famous resident:  Thomas Jefferson.

This is my favorite shot of Monticello.  Jefferson loved tulips and the flower beds were in full bloom with many different strains and colors.  This visit was in April so the trees weren't in full leaf yet, but the tulips added so much color we didn't notice the trees were merely budding. The pond in the foreground is actually where live fish were kept after a fishing trip until the cook needed them for meals.  

Before we were taken up the hill to the house we gathered at the visitor center to wait for the trolley.  This gigantic hearth had been cleared out after the winter.  It looks like they had some roaring fires in it, though, to keep winter visitors warm while waiting.

These arched side windows take sunlight and warmth into the arboretum.  We weren't able to take photos inside the house, which was the most interesting part of the tour.  Jefferson was an amazing man and his home reflected his passions for literature, inventions, and his country.

The homes back then didn't have attached kitchens, but separate cook houses.  This is part of such a building at Monticello.  Everything on the plantation has been impeccably preserved and the fields are actually a working farm, much like the fields at George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon.

We were able to tour the various cellars where the stone foundations retain much of the original stone and mortar construction. 

This is part of the wine cellar.  It was still rather cool on this April day and we were wearing jackets.  I was really glad to be dressed warmly in these subterranean chambers. 

This is taken in the stables where, again, the original brick and mortar is evident. 

Thank you for returning for more of the tour of brick and mortar found in Charlottesville, VA and Monticello.  A new Thematic Photographic won't be posted until Monday evening so there is still time for you to join in or just hop on over to Written, Inc. for a look.  

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thematic Photographic #169 --- Brick and Mortar

From last week's Metallica to this week's Brick and Mortar, Carmi at Written, Inc. is striking another favorite chord with Thematic Photographic #169.  The theme announced Monday evening immediately brought to mind Charlottesville, Virginia, one of my favorite cities, which we visited in April 2006. While my son was deployed in Washington, DC we made several trips to Virginia and explored dozens of historical sites.  Old town Charlottesville is practically all brick and mortar from the streets and sidewalks to the buildings, much of it intact from the 1800s.

It's a beautiful place and up the hill is Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home.  Talk about brick and mortar!  I'll have to post some of those later during Thematic Photographic #169 which you can also play along with by posting your photos of brick and mortar and linking them up in the comments here.  You can also visit other participants' blogs and see their works.  It's always a great trip, especially since we have bloggers from all over the world joining in each week.  Thanks, Carmi, for another great theme. 

(Note:  These photos were taken with my Canon Rebel EOS, the first digital SLR.  Since late 2007 I've been using a Canon 40D.  What a difference!  Of course at the top of my wish list is to step up to the newest Canon that we can afford..........Santa, are you listening?  hmmmmm?)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Continuing With Metallica Theme

This morning Mom and I went to our favorite place for breakfast, Billy Gail's in Branson. They capture the flavor of the Ozarks better than any place around.  What was once an log cabin is now a very rustic and interesting cafe.  I've been taking photos there for them to use as postcard souvenirs so I often take my camera along.  While waiting for a table (they do get very busy, but it is worth the wait!) I spotted this bowl of METAL, going along with the Thematic Photographic theme at Written, Inc. this week.  With camera at the ready I took another trip into my childhood...........

We actually sliced eggs with this gadget.  I have one like it now that is yellow plastic, tho' still has the metal wires. 

This manual egg beater even predates me! 

All kinds of metal gadgets in this bowl, all kitchen tools.  I am so grateful for the advent of stainless steel and plastics! 

This was up on a shelf, but looks like an old ice bucket.  

There are a couple more days left of the METALLICA theme so hop on board with your photos of metal, old and new!