Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thematic Photographic #166 - Triangular

I missed last week's Thematic Photographic -- Welcome Autumn because I was on the road in Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa where the fall colors were just beginning to emerge.  Here in southern Missouri the colors are just beginning.

But on to this week's Thematic Photographic which is Triangular.  Carmi has already given us so many fantastic examples, some subtle, some obvious.  As always he prompted me to look around for all things triangular.  I actually found these examples when I wasn't looking for anything specific.  I recently acquired a new computer (yea!) which requires re-installing software, such as Photoshop Elements, and then moving files back in.  Much like moving into a new house and emptying boxes.  At any rate, I decided to move a few more files into PSE under a revised cataloging system.  In looking through photos from a 2007 San Diego trip I found these:

 I can never get enough of the beach! This one taken at sunset caught my eye because of the sea gull and his reflection.  Then I looked at the clouds in the sky ... and their reflection.  Triangular!  

 The beach in the morning is bathed in much softer colors.  Who can resist taking photos of the pier --- which all those triangle shapes?

Exploring the San Diego Zoo reveals more than the incredible animals.  Though called a Bird of Paradise this isn't one of the featured animals, but adds bright beauty to the grounds around the enclosures.  This is one of my favorite flowers, and loaded with triangles!

So, a closer look at what we take for granted shows TRIANGLES also make the world go ROUND.  (ugh! sorry, had to say it!)  Hop on over to Written, Inc. to see Carmi's angles in life --- and check out the comments, too.  The participants from around the world have amazing examples.  


Max said...

beautiful triangular photos. The flower at the bottom is amazing.

Alexia said...

wow I love all of these! the Bird of Paradise is gorgeous (way better than a pic I took of one yesterday!) - and the top beach shot is just stunning.

Carmi said...

The reflective gull on the beach is one of those now-moment pictures that you're just happy you were Right There at That moment.


Aeria said...

Amazing photos! I love the beach one- I can't get enough of beach either and this is exquisite! So is the flower! Beautiful triangles hiding in nature!

Gilly said...

Great shots, especially the pier and the Bird of Paradise flower! I was amazed when I ket a real one in Madeira at how stiff they really were!

Limar said...

Beautiful, all of them. But the first one is... fantastic! :)