Saturday, October 29, 2011

Continuing With Metallica Theme

This morning Mom and I went to our favorite place for breakfast, Billy Gail's in Branson. They capture the flavor of the Ozarks better than any place around.  What was once an log cabin is now a very rustic and interesting cafe.  I've been taking photos there for them to use as postcard souvenirs so I often take my camera along.  While waiting for a table (they do get very busy, but it is worth the wait!) I spotted this bowl of METAL, going along with the Thematic Photographic theme at Written, Inc. this week.  With camera at the ready I took another trip into my childhood...........

We actually sliced eggs with this gadget.  I have one like it now that is yellow plastic, tho' still has the metal wires. 

This manual egg beater even predates me! 

All kinds of metal gadgets in this bowl, all kitchen tools.  I am so grateful for the advent of stainless steel and plastics! 

This was up on a shelf, but looks like an old ice bucket.  

There are a couple more days left of the METALLICA theme so hop on board with your photos of metal, old and new!


Carmi said...

My late grandmother's kitchen was filled with utensils like these. She had these shelves high along the walls, and she'd line them up after meticulously cleaning and drying them.

Whenever I showed up, she'd excitedly sit me down at her kitchen table and then cook up a storm for me. Nothing pleased her more, and it was such a joy to be at the center of her world.

These images bring me right back. Thanks for this...what a lovely way to explore the theme!

Little Nell said...

Memories are made of this! I remember so many of these gadgets, and, as you say, they are plastic now, more’s the pity.

Max said...

Nice old kitchen utensils, sometimes the old stuff works as good (or better) than the new stuff. I have an old manual can opener on the wall, works so well I don't even have an electric one. Thanks for showing us all that stuff!

Limar said...

Oh, such lovely old things! :)

Bob Scotney said...

Even I remember the wire egg slicer. I recognise a potato peeler as well - it's like one I had to use in the Army cookhouse.