Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thematic Photographic #159 --- Vibrant

This week's Thematic Photographic over at Written, Inc. is vibrant.  That usually evokes thoughts of bright reds and blues and every color in the rainbow.  And normally I would be looking for such vibrancy.  But, Carmi, you have given this proud new mother-in-law yet another excuse to share a couple of photos of a vibrant newlywed couple.

My son Scott and his beautiful bride Paula had a full dress Navy wedding on July 29.  Nothing raises goosebumps more that the ceremonial arch presented by Scott's peers!

Of course, Paula got the traditional sword tap on the backside with the "Welcome to the Navy, Ma'am" remark.

This was one wedding I did not do the photography for, although the photos above I did take, as well as a couple hundred at the reception.  Along the theme of vibrant I do want to share a couple of photos that the wedding photographer took.....

Vibrant whites, vibrant smiles, and, yes, vibrant colors in the bouquet (and bling on Scott's uniform).

As more photos come in it is fun to relive the event of a lifetime.... a cry some more!

There is so much all around us that is vibrant.  Some of it right under our noses, some takes us by surprise.  Wherever you find it, embrace -- and photograph -- the vibrant side of life.  Hop on over to Carmi's Written, Inc. to enjoy this week's theme.


Aunt Snow said...

Beautiful! You chose the vibrancy of love and emotions. Great choice.

Bob Scotney said...

A vibrant moment in their and your lives.Fine photos.

Carmi said...

Don't mind while I work off my own goosebumps: I can feel the energy of the moment.

I'm so happy for you and for Scott and his new bride. The pictures are lovely. You're so right: Nothing blows the eye and the heart away as much as a military-dress only begins to describe what it feels like.