Friday, September 2, 2011

Thematic Photographic 160 --- Shopping

For 160 weeks Carmi at Written, Inc. has challenged us with very interesting themes to stimulate our photographic creative juices.  But I think this week's Thematic Photographic -- Shopping -- is one of the most challenging for me. I mean, shopping, really! It is something I love to do in photography and craft stores, but dislike in grocery and clothing stores. Realistically, most of my shopping is done online because much of what I need for my crafts I can't get locally, or the stores I really love to browse in (Barnes & Noble) are too far away to frequent very often. Also, I don't carry the Canon 40D everywhere -- people get a little nervous about that in the local Walmart. So my take on the theme this week is a collage of common links in the internet shopping mall.

If people think taking photos in a big box store with a high caliber camera is weird, I'm sure anyone watching me take photos of my laptop screen with said camera would think I was weird!  Oh, well. Probably not the first time!  Thanks, Carmi, for another fun week! Be sure to check out what the other participants have posted here.  They are much more creative!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, everyone!


Carmi said...

I love your take on this week's theme, Barb. I would have never thought to go techie on this one!

I kinda thought it would be tough, and you're all proving my initial suspicions to be correct. I think a lot of people see shopping more as a routine necessity than something they really enjoy doing. And as a photographic subject? That's an even bigger stretch.

That's why I'm so tickled to see such neat interpretations of it. I'm really impressed (mine look so lame in comparison!)

Bob Scotney said...

A unique take on the theme. The trouble is the last thing I bought online I had to go to a store to collect - the delivery charge was prohibitive.