Sunday, August 7, 2011

Photos For Fun and Thematic Photographic

It has been quite awhile since I did some photography just for the fun and artistic thrill of discovery through the lens.  The weddings I've been doing are fun and artistic in their own rights, but to take the camera and shoot with nothing specific in mind just hasn't been in my routine lately.  One of my inspirations has always been Carmi at Written, Inc. who can find beauty and balance in anything that comes through the lens of his camera. And if that isn't enough to bring something to life his journaling instincts will.

About three years ago Carmi started "Thematic Photographic", a weekly challenge to photograph something within a theme. Under my very first blog "Picture This At Last" I participated nearly every week, but have been AWOL for quite some time.  Well, surprise, Carmi!  I'm back with my newer photography blog, Hampton Road Photography.

Carmi's theme this week is "Red".  This has become one of my favorite colors so I grabbed a favorite ice cream bowl and some Jelly Bellies left over from my son's wedding rehearsal dinner, dusted off my macro lens and started focusing on RED!  Here are some of my results:

My favorite Jelly Bellies are the red ones, especially cinnamon.

This one was more on the patriotic side!

I'm hoping this post will be my jump back into the more artistic photography that I really want to develop.  Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to have your comments!


PJ said...

A plethora of color and the red just makes it all pop out at you. Have to run the candy aisle. (grins)

Max said...

Great pictures! For some reason, I'm always attracted to close up pictures of things that are normally overlooked. Like Jelly Bellies.

Carmi said...

What a wonderful surprise to pop into my blog and see your comment, Barb! Totally made my day...and I, too, hope this is your springboard back into our collective orbit. I've miseed your work and your inspiration.

I've always had a thing for jelly beans. I remember coveting them when I was a kid in the hospital. We weren't allowed to have candies or other junk food, so just imagining them was enough for me.

Whenever I got to go home, I somehow found a way to sneak a few from the pantry :)