Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings

The most fun I have as a photographer is shooting weddings. As the wedding photographer for the Hummingbird Inn I have the opportunity to do at least one wedding per week, often more. I've done 31 weddings in the past 3 months!

I've been asked to post some photos, which I am happy to do here. I've taken, literally, thousands of digital photos and saved about two-thirds of them on cds, after sorting out the bad shots. It is so hard to pick out just a few favorites, but here's a sampling.



As the seasons change there are more and more beautiful spots at the Inn to take photos.  A garden with islands of roses, tiger lilies, wisteria, wild strawberries, and more. A grape arbor with ripening grapes. Borders of crepe myrtles and rose of Sharons, a Japanese Dogwood tree, just to name a few more.  The gazebo is the most popular place for the ceremonies, but there is also the Hitchin' Post in the barn, the fireplace in the parlor, a bridal arch in the meadow, the garden, and the deck overlooking the view.  As the summer flowers fade we'll be eagerly waiting for the autumn colors.  It's an ever-changing palette for the couples' special day and an unending source of inspiration for me. 

I love my job! 


Barb said...

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Thank you!

The Wired Angel said...

Lovely pics Barb! You do fantastic work. Hugs, Peggy x